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4 reasons Chip Kelly won't coach Florida (cc: Colin Cowherd)

Because the Gators can't have nice things, for one.

ESPN's Colin Cowherd did some pot-stirring Thursday morning, taking to his radio show to suggest that Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly could be a candidate for the near-vacant head coaching job at Florida. Cowherd specifically said the former Oregon coach would "take the phone call" if the Gators rang, so maybe he's just complimenting the head coach's manners, but it's time to shut this rumor down.

Four reasons why this rumor does not make sense:

1. Florida would need to pay Nick Saban money. Kelly is currently making about $6.5 million with the Eagles, and while the Gators certainly have more financial flexibility than most programs, that's a whole lot of cash to lay down on a first contract. Only Saban makes that kind of money at the college level.

2. Chip Kelly does not love recruiting. In an interview with Philly Mag, he said one of the main advantages of working in the NFL (besides that hefty salary figure, presumably) was not having to spend time on the recruiting trail. He said his college schedule was more hectic in the offseason than during the season because of it, and losing that added responsibility allows him to spend more time watching tape, which he called the "fun part" of the job.

3. Chip Kelly has zero connections to the program or the area. While coaches without local ties have won in the SEC before, it's at least a concern. Philadelphia is about the closest Kelly has come to working in the Southeast in his career. A New Hampshire native, alum and former coach, he's also worked with Columbia (not in Florida), Johns Hopkins (also not in Florida) and Oregon (definitely not in Florida). Heck, he played ice hockey in high school, an instant disqualification for an SEC coaching position -- former hockey player Kevin Sumlin is perhaps the exception that proves that rule.

4. FootballScoop says so.

That's the best source out there for coaching info, so its word carries weight here.

As for the Mack Brown part, the Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday that SMU is "floating" $4 million per year on an eight-year contract to the former Texas head coach.