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Marshall hires a PR firm that probably won't help it make the Playoff

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At least they can say they tried.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall is currently ranked and undefeated, and it does have a very good football team, but the Thundering Herd are not going to make the College Football Playoff. That's true for a variety of reasons, most notably that they really ain't played nobody, but apparently that won't stop them from trying. According to Steve Berkowitz of USA Today, the university and Conference USA have hired a PR firm to plead their case.

Brener Zwikel & Associates, which counts the Rose Bowl, Los Angeles Dodgers and Speedo as clients, sent out a release Thursday highlighting the Thundering Herd's undefeated record, standing in the Amway Coaches Poll and their non-Power Five conference affiliation.


Ultimately, it's kind of hard to figure out why Marshall thinks this will help at all, and it's going to likely end up being a massive waste of money, unless the entire SEC and Big 12 (and Pac-12 and Big Ten?) implode on themselves. The conversation between Marshall and the selection committee would go something like this:

Marshall: "We're undefeated, and we have been before!"

CFP: "Who have you played?"

Marshall: "Rice, but we're undefeated!"

But still, bless their hearts for trying.