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Syracuse meeting with NCAA about potential violations in multiple sports

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse's football program is now part of a "wide-ranging" investigation into the university's athletic department, according to

An investigation has been underway into Syracuse's basketball program for more than two years, but now the football team is reported to be extensively involved. No timetable of alleged infractions is known, though Brett McMurphy of ESPN reported Thursday that both the football and basketball teams face charges from the NCAA's Committee on Infractions for alleged "extra benefits/academic issues" going back at least 10 years. As a result, school officials have been invited to an NCAA hearing at the end of the month.

It's important to note that whether Syracuse has actually committed NCAA violations hasn't been determined. A spokesperson for the NCAA has said when investigations necessitate hearings, they typically involve at least one Level I or Level II violation. That would indicate a "severe" or "significant" breach of conduct, per the NCAA's official guidelines.

The academic issues have previously been reported and focus on, at least from the basketball team's perspective, former player Fab Melo's academic record. Melo was suspended three games in 2012, and teammate James Southerland was also briefly banned before returning to the team.

Neither Syracuse football coach Scott Shafer nor athletic director Daryl Gross have commented on the investigation.