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Michigan player planted stake in Michigan State field, so Spartans ran up score

Mark Dantonio was not happy, while Brady Hoke was confused.

Michigan State walked over Michigan as expected Saturday, with a 35-11 win. Brady Hoke's coaching coffin apparently wasn't the only thing that had something driven into it, as a Michigan player planted an object described as either a stake or a spear in Spartan Stadium before the game.


That would be junior linebacker Joe Bolden contributing to the Spartans running up the score late, according to the Spartans. Jeremy Langford scored a five-yard touchdown run with 28 seconds left to make it 35-11.

Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio was not happy with the incident.

When asked about the final score, Dantonio said "It just felt like we needed to put a stake in them at that point."

Brady Hoke was unclear as to how much he actually knew -- not an unfamiliar situation.

Update, 10/26: Hoke has released a statement.