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Les Miles' mother passed away Friday. He talked about her after beating Ole Miss

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"I miss you, Ma."

LSU won a significant game against No. 3 Ole Miss Saturday night, scoring a late touchdown to take down the previously undefeated Rebels.

The game occurred less than 24 hours after the death of the mother of LSU head coach Les Miles. Miles talked about her passing and the touching reaction of his players in his opening statement after the game.

Before going any further, I need to say thanks to all those people that have found it in their time to wish me well and condolences for my mom. I had a rough night last night, and I did have to tell the team, and so I told the team prior to the game that my mom had passed away, and that was last night about 10 o'clock.

The concern that I had would be that condolences and an outpouring of emotion and a caring for one another could be not exactly what you want to go play a very violent, very physical, very competitive game. And so I spent time today thinking about the way that I needed to tell them, that when they see me on the sideline, it's not to do with who's passed and what's going on, it has only to do that I'm looking for every opportunity and advantage for us to win, and they need to see me as an aggressive man.

So after the game, I can't tell you the number of young men that threw arms around me and said they, 'love me, Coach,' which is as touching as anything I've had happen. They handed me the game ball, which I only accept on behalf of a great team, a team that really comes out and says, 'You know, we can be a whole let better, we can improve, go to work.' You guys hear me say this: 'They're going to improve, they're coming, we're going to be special.' This is a team that is ambitious, so I accept it.

And Martha Miles, this is a great night, considering. I miss you, Ma.


Even in hard times, it wouldn't be a Les Miles press conference without a little fun, and he went on a humorous tangent about an official's mistake that prevented a Tiger first down.

That inadvertent whistle is a stinker, boy. You're looking at a chance to be down at the two-yard line and score the first seven to start the game and put a little bit pressure on an opponent, and [buzzer sound], it was inadvertent. Aw, damn. It was an inadvertent call I made there, I get that one back [laughter]? I wasn't even going to think about that! If I get a pick, I could call "inadvertent call." What do you mean, "inadvertent call?" I didn't mean that call! I get it back [laughter]! What do you think? You guys would support that, wouldn't ya? We have a red handkerchief for challenging, and then you get kind of a polka-dotted one for inadvertent call. 'I want it back, I made a mistake.'