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Alabama's Kenyan Drake suffers awful injury against Ole Miss

The Bama running back is in a great deal of pain.


Alabama running back Kenyan Drake suffered what appears to be a horrible leg injury in the second quarter against Ole Miss. During a tangled pileup, his left ankle twisted violently and he shouted so loudly that his voice was audible on CBS' broadcast.

After he spent a moment on the turf, Alabama trainers carted him off the field. Wiping tears, he signaled to the crowd with a thumbs-up.

Ole Miss players spun away from him immediately after the play, realizing the severity of the injury, then gathered in a show of obvious concern. However, one Rebel appeared to kick at Drake on the way down -- the footage is here, but be warned that it includes the injury as well.

CBS reported Drake has been taken for X-rays and is, as you'd expect, out for at least the rest of the game.

Drake, a junior, is one of Alabama's top backs, leading the team with six total touchdowns and two touchdowns on the ground this season.

We'll have more as available. Developing.