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Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard fined $25,000 for officiating rant

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He probably has a point, but loses it a bit with the conspiracy theory.

Update: The Big 12 announced that it has fined Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard $25,000 for his rant against the officials after Iowa State lost (by 17) to Oklahoma State on Saturday. Pollard suggested that there is some sort of Big 12 conspiracy, which is pretty ridiculous, and obviously, the Big 12 took exception to it. Here's what commissioner Bob Bowlsby said:

"Mr. Pollard's public statements called into question the integrity and competence of game officials and the Conference's officiating program," stated Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. "To insinuate that games are called unfairly to negatively impact a program is irresponsible and completely baseless.  Accordingly, the seriousness of this violation warrants a public reprimand and a financial penalty. We take pride in our officiating programs and will continue to strive for the highest possible standards and the fairest competition."

Original: This isn't a shocking rant of an athletic director that's gone postal. It is, however, Jamie Pollard giving the Big 12 and its officials a strong talking to after his team was kinda screwed on a call by the refs against Oklahoma State.

The play in question is here.

Bone-headedness of running the ball with no timeouts and time ticking down in the first half aside, the ruling on the field was no touchdown. Upon review, the Big 12 refs ruled it a touchdown and Oklahoma State had a 13-6 lead at the half. Even Oklahoma State fans raised their eyebrows about the call.

This is a typical "AD dives in front of a bullet for coach and yells at the conference" situation, except for Pollard insinuating some kind of anti-ISU conspiracy stemming from the Cyclones raising an issue with the conference and being the only vote for that issue a year and a half ago. A good rant isn't good without a good conspiracy theory.

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