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Ole Miss' Trae Elston suspended for appearing to kick at Bama player

WARNING: This leg injury footage is visually and audibly disturbing.

Alabama running back Kenyan Drake went down with a terrible ankle injury in the first half against Ole Miss.

As Drake was tumbling to the ground, Ole Miss defensive back Trae Elston, No. 7, made a curious leg motion. I have no way of knowing what his intentions were at the time, but it did not appear to be a common football maneuver. He could've perhaps been kicking at the football, which would've been pointless for multiple reasons, among them Drake being on the ground already.

[Update: head coach Hugh Freeze announced Monday that Elston is suspended for the first half against Texas A&M.]

The video, which also includes ghastly footage of Drake's injury:

It should be noted that Rebels players quickly backed away from Drake as they saw his damaged ankle and heard his screams of pain, with empathy quite apparent in their body language.