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Washington State's Connor Halliday breaks all-time D1 game passing record

What happens when you combine a quarterback who lets it rip on almost every play with a defense that can't stop anything? You get 734 yards.

William Mancebo

The FBS single-game passing yardage record entering Saturday: 716, by Houston's David Klingler in 1990. The Division I mark was 730, by Old Dominion's Taylor Heinicke in 2012. Those records are gone.

The NCAA all-divisions record was 736 by Division III Eureka College's Sam Durley in 2012. That one's fine, by two yards.

Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday, who'd already set the Pac-12 record in 2013 with a 58-of-89 for 557 night against Oregon, is the new all-time leader in single-game aerial spam, with 734 against Cal on Saturday night. The Golden Bears are very bad at defense, and Wazzu throws the dang ball on like every play, so this event was all but inevitable, especially on a Saturday as completely bonkers as this one.

He did this in a game that Cal won, 60-59, on a missed field goal. Those two yards ...

For further reference, the NCAA attempts record is 94 (D2 J.J. Harp, Eastern New Mexico), completions is 64 (same game), and touchdowns is 11 (Klingler in the 716-yard game noted above). Those are safe.

Here's how things looked in the third quarter, when Halliday had nearly broken his own conference record with a third of the game still to go:

Preposterous and bananas. Couldn't have happened in a less sensical weekend.