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Bama fan immediately demolished for throwing stuff at Ole Miss fans

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You'll excuse this Alabama fan for being a bit upset. His previously undefeated Crimson Tide are now very much defeated after falling 23-17 on the road to Ole Miss, and a defeated Alabama is unfamiliar territory for many a Tide Roller.

You won't excuse this Alabama fan for throwing things at Ole Miss fans, swiftly thereafter taken out by a lightning-fast security officer, destroying the unbuttoned menace with a chokehold slam.


Oxford PD - 1 Alabama Fan - 0 This guy had been throwing things at fans leaving the field. #hottytoddy #beatalabama #oxfordpd #takedown #fightclub #collegegameday #espn @creevesbrown @liltaybrown @pigeontoedninja @austin_gunter770 @a_brown52

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Note the other Alabama fan, standing next to the one who gets taken down, who immediately returns to sulking after seeing his buddy taken down. That's the spirit, lad.