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1984 Jon Gruden wants to coach Michigan

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The Monday Night Football analyst wanted to go to Ann Arbor ... 30 years ago.

With Michigan head coach Brady Hoke under fire following a 2-4 start and the mismanagement of Shane Morris' concussion against Minnesota, Wolverines fans have already turned to who will be the next head coach in Ann Arbor. Talk has already centered on former Michigan quarterback Jim Harbaugh, among others.

But no hypothetical coaching search would be complete without the presence of America's favorite non-coach, former Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden. The Super Bowl-winner has been included on every NFL and major college short list since leaving Tampa six years ago, but no job has been able to lure him away from the Monday Night Football booth.

None, that is, until 1984 Michigan opens. Jon Gruden has said publicly that he desperately wants to coach Michigan, so long as it is 1984 Michigan:

That 18 yards per carry and 6 yards per completion would make him an ideal modern Michigan quarterback.

If 'head coach at Michigan' didn't work out for 1984 Jon Gruden, the 20-year-old backup quarterback would probably settle for becoming a fireman or astronaut. Television star was also probably high on the list, so Gruden might already be living the dream.