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Mississippi State embraces bad GameDay Photoshopping

With ESPN coming to town, the Bulldogs do what they do best: Horrible, horrible Photoshopping.

These are heady days for Mississippi State football. The team has vaulted into the top 5 with victories over LSU and Texas A&M, and hosts ESPN College GameDay this weekend for the first time ever Saturday before taking on No. 2 Auburn. Quarterback Dak Prescott is receiving serious consideration for the Heisman Trophy, and the Bulldogs are dreaming of a College Football Playoff berth.

As Mississippi State has learned, there is no better way of promoting your program on national television than with that mainstay of top programs: Bad Photoshopping. It starts bad:

And the Dak Prescott puns only get worse from there.

This one is borderline inappropriate, and so awful that it's actually fantastic:

Here's some nightmare fuel:

This one might actually be scarier:

Retweets are endorsements:

Here we have this week's GameDay winner before the show even goes on air:

It's not just Dak Prescott that gets the MS Paint treatment. Here we have cowbells mashed up with Lord of the Rings:

Your humble author had to get in on the action:

Last week's first-ever GameDay trip to Ole Miss was one of the best editions of the weekly pregame show ever, but if Mississippi State is going to bring game like this, it just might be topped.