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West Virginia fan signs kept Marshall in mind on 'College GameDay'

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"College GameDay" is in Morgantown, the home of West Virginia University, not Marshall University. Those two schools do not like each other, as far as football goes. Maybe history departments too. But football for sure, with WVU holding an all-time 12-0 series record.

Marshall is undefeated and ranks well in the human polls and the computer ratings, but is unranked by the College Football Playoff committee due to its weak schedule. It's a schedule so weak, it's a parody of weak schedules. You might be unable to create a weaker schedule on NCAA Football 14 if you tried.

But the Herd are blowing away that weak schedule, led by star quarterback Rakeem Cato (whom "GameDay" interviewed in a bus, not on set), so they should probably be ranked anyway. WVU fans do not care about any of this, and that's fine.

That's a good joke and a well-designed sign.

Wait, did you guys copy off each other's signs while making UNC academics jokes? Next level.

Toilet paper is on that sign. It is not as soft as Marshall's schedule. I disagree only on the most technical of grounds.

Via, one fan "WOKE UP HARDER THAN MARSHALL'S SCHEDULE." Will take this fan's word for it.

West Virginia fans don't think of Marshall as a rival, though. ;) Nope. ;) Not even a little bit. ;)