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Maryland players refuse pregame handshakes with Penn State players

The Terps went on to win, 20-19.

Things are off to a cracking start for the Maryland Terrapins, who were assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty before the game against Penn State could even start.

I was not aware that refusing to shake hands before a game was a penalty, but unless we're serious about this stuff, how will the children learn to be CLASSY?

Combine that with some shovin' and hootin' and hollerin', and it looks like we could have a feisty one on our hands here.

During that pseudo-fracas, one of the Maryland players, reportedly Stefon Diggs, put his hand on the ref's face.


GIF credit: ESPN

Hard to believe that this doesn't result in either (A) another penalty, or (B) an ejection, but then again, Big Ten refs are renowned for their consistency.

Maryland-Penn State is something of a local rivalry, but not one with a close history.