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Name on Indiana player's jersey kind of looks R-rated

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When advanced jersey technology goes wrong...

"Hey, great work on the new TechFit jerseys, Bob."

"Thanks, Gary, they're the latest in jersey technology and they should give teams the winning edge."

"You got that right, Bob. Everyone should want an adidas TechFit jersey."

"Say, Gary, one quick issue. I--I'm sure it's nothing, but just want to make you aware."

"What's that?"

"Well, it's just that with the stretching the jersey does—"

"Yes, that is the fitting tech of TechFit!"

"—yes, it's a marvel, no question, but there is this tiny consequence of the H stretching out to look almost like a K, on account of the letter stitching not being as elastic as the rest of the material."

"Well, Bob, that's about as minor of an issue as I can imagine. What's the worst that could happen when an H looks like a K?"

"Why, I can't think of a single possible negative consequence, Gary."

"Neither I, Bob. Neither I. Let's get these produced and shipped out ASAP."