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Mark Richt really REALLY wanted to call a timeout

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Mark Richt has lost control of the TV-PG rating.

If we may read from Wikipedia for a moment...

In grammar, a modifier is an optional element in phrase structure or clause structure.[1] A modifier is so called because it is said to modify (change the meaning of) another element in the structure, on which it is dependent. Typically the modifier can be removed without affecting the grammar of the sentence. For example, in the English sentence This is a red ball, the adjective red is a modifier, modifying the noun ball. Removal of the modifier would leave This is a ball, which is grammatically correct and equivalent in structure to the original sentence.

So with all that, we would like to compliment Georgia head coach Mark Richt on his use of modifiers as he clarifies his intentions for the referees.


Yes, he's yelling "TIME [redacted modifier] OUT." That's good languagin'.