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Ole Miss go-ahead TD turned into brutal injury and fumble

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Laquon Treadwell gave everything to get Ole Miss a huge TD ... and had it taken away from him after review.

It looked like Ole Miss' Laquon Treadwell had scored a huge touchdown. No. 4 Ole Miss trailed No. 3 Auburn 35-31, but Treadwell followed blockers, found space, shedded tacklers and fought to the end zone:



But then it all went away. It became clear things were bad as Treadwell lay on the ground, slapping the ground in pain. The tackle from linebacker Kris Frost had ended with Treadwell's ankle trapped under him. He needed to be carted off the field:


But then upon further review, it became clear this wasn't a touchdown after all. Treadwell, falling and in tremendous pain, dropped the ball before he crossed into the end zone and before his knee hit the ground. (We've made the editorial decision not to show you the slow-motion replay of this play, because it features Treadwell's leg crumpling.) Auburn hopped on the ball immediately after the fumble in the end zone, so this was a turnover.

This was a brutal, brutal stunner:

Not even Auburn fans could enjoy it:

With under two minutes left, this play put Ole Miss in dire straits. Auburn hung on to win, 35-31.