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Map shows where people care the most about college football

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Alabama and Nebraska appear to lead the way.

The New York Times has unveiled another neat college football map, surveying Facebook data from every county in the United States to find out where people care about college football the most.

Be sure to click on through for the county-by-county numbers.

Unsurprisingly, the most college football-heavy areas of the country come in the South, although the Midwest region also has a number of states with strong affinities for the sport. The map ranges from a light pink to purple, and the most purple states (the ones who care about college football the most) appear to be Alabama and Nebraska, with Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas, South Carolina, Ohio and Iowa right behind. The parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Florida where the states' major college football programs reside also show as a dark purple.

Perhaps the most surprising, at first, is Texas, with brief blotches of purple around Lubbock, Waco and College Station. It's a big state with a lot of people, however, and many are more focused on high school football than the collegiate level.

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