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Man claiming to be ex-UNC football player: 'If y'all came for an education, you should have went to Harvard'

He also called Roy Williams a "snake" in the interview.

Geoff Burke

A man claiming to be former North Carolina defensive tackle Tydreke Powell called into the radio station 102Jamz in Greensboro, N.C. on Monday and gave some damning quotes on the academic scandal at the university. He said he was tired of people putting blame on the players, and that the coaches were all in the know on the so-called "paper classes." Particularly striking was a quote the man said he heard from former Tar Heels football coach Butch Davis.

"Butch Davis came into a meeting one day and he said, 'If y'all came for an education, you should have went to Harvard,'" the man said.

The school, he said, pushed athletes to take the fake classes in the African American studies department.

"It ain't that we go in there and say we want to take African American studies," he said. "How do we know about it? They put it on the table for us. 'Okay you can do this and that.' It's one thing that they tell them. These coaches, man, they say, 'You're a freak, we're gonna get you three and out of here.'"

While there was no further identification of the caller, the radio station tweeted out a link to the interview and claimed that it was Powell, as well.

The man did not appear to have any inside knowledge as to whether basketball coach Roy Williams knew about the classes (Williams says he didn't), but he said everybody knew, and he does not have an affinity for Williams.

"You know he knew," he said. "Roy Williams is a snake."

He also said that basketball players were known to have taken the easiest classes.

"If you dropped a class with a basketball player, you were just ignorant."

He said he was in a class with a basketball player and that the player only showed up for tests. Even then, another student completed the test for the player. Powell identified the player, but the name was censored by the radio station.

There's also this: