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20 rejected names for Nebraska-Wisconsin's new Freedom Trophy

Nebraska and Wisconsin will play for the Freedom Trophy now. Here are other names it certainly could've gone by.

  1. The Freedom Cup
  2. The Freedom Treasure
  3. The Freedom Door Prize
  4. The Freedom's Just Another Word for 'Nothing Left to Lose' Trophy
  5. Jim Delany's Hot 'N Zesty Freedom BBQ Sauce
  6. The Freedom '90 (I Won't Let You Down) Cup
  7. Frito-Lay Bag O' Freedom Fun Twists (King Size)
  8. Free Wi-fi
  9. Several Cans of Dr. Pepper
  10. The Justice Trophy
  11. The Liberty Trophy
  12. The Statue of Liberty
  13. Marcus Liberty
  14. Bucket of Corn Meal
  15. The Big Ten West Division Participation Medal
  16. The Easiest Hardest Divisional Game in College Football Championship Banner
  17. This Shovel
  18. Gary
  19. The Don't Worry the Loser Still Gets to Play Iowa Cup
  20. [The Freedom Trophy] (placeholder until an actual name is chosen)