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How Florida found a way to lose to South Carolina

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Florida almost won. *Almost* being the key word.

Florida led South Carolina 17-10, and was en route to a win. They'd just run the ball three times to bleed the clock down to under a minute, and all they had to do was punt and prevent a team that hadn't scored since the first quarter from scoring a touchdown.


(Vines/GIFs via SEC Network)

Nooooooooooooooooobody blocked Carlton Heard on his way to the QB. Noooobody.

Florida gave up a 27-yard pass play and then committed pass interference, giving the Gamecocks the ball on the 2-yard-line.

Then this happened:


Mike Davis failed to get the option pitch cleanly, leaving the ball skittering around untouched. But he managed to hop onto it.

Florida kicked a field goal in OT, but South Carolina got a TD on a Dylan Thompson run, and Florida fans are just waiting on Muschamp's firing.