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TCU vs. Kansas final score: 3 things we learned from the Horned Frogs' 34-30 comeback victory

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The Horned Frogs prevail, but the struggle may be costly for TCU's highest aspirations.

One of the wackiest games of the season threatened to throw a gigantic wrench into the CFB Playoff situation, but in the end No. 4 TCU prevailed over a hungry Kansas squad, 34-30.

Trevone Boykin led the way with 330 yards passing—more on him later—and Aaron Green was a monster on the ground in the second half, finishing with 128 yards rushing and two scores. Valiant in defeat was Kansas QB Michael Cummings, who finished with 332 yards passing with a pair of scores.

KU led for most of the game, including a pair of 10-point leads in the third quarter. An electric punt return by Cameron Echols-Luper pushed TCU ahead with 2:38 left in the third quarter, and that proved to be the game-winner.

Oh, but if you wanted the upset and all the chaos, Kansas was a willing participant for most of the game. A short pass by Cummings turned into this ludicrous touchdown by Nigel King:


Things only got better from there, as Kansas' kicker forced a fumble on the ensuing kick. But KU couldn't turn that opportunity into points, and a late fumble by TCU deep in its own territory only led to a field goal for the Jayhawks. Opportunities lost, and a game lost. So it goes.

Three things we learned

1. TCU might have played its way out of the CFB Playoff. With Alabama now most certainly in the top four, TCU's spot as the last team in the playoff is now severely imperiled. Yes, the Horned Frogs won, but we've seen the committee drop teams for winning unimpressively, and holy smokes there's not much less impressive than getting taken the distance by lowly, two-win Kansas. Games with Texas and Iowa State are all that remain for TCU; is there going to be an opportunity for the Horned Frogs to work their way back into the top four if everyone else wins out?

2. Trevone Boykin won't be winning the Heisman. TCU's star QB had himself a decent day—26 for 36, 330 yards and a score—but he was shaky down the stretch and when the Horned Frogs staged their comeback, it was largely on the back of Aaron Green, not Boykin. That's... pretty not great for someone who's in the running for the title of the most outstanding player in college football. That the middling performance came against Kansas is even worse.

3. Three cheers for the Kansas Jayhawks. Kansas was woefully outmanned for this entire game, and the second half could have gone completely off the rails for the Jayhawks. But Clint Bowen's guys made TCU work for all sixty minutes, and it was a heck of a lot of fun to watch. Football coaches hate to hear the term "moral victory," but this was an inspiring performance even in defeat.