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When Charlie Strong tells you it's not cold, it's not cold

Positively chilling pregame speech, coach.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There was a point this year where it looked like Texas would be staying home during bowl season in Charlie Strong's first year with the Longhorns. After starting 3-5 with wins against North Texas, Iowa State and Kansas and a tough slate of games ahead, winning three out of their final four games seemed a distant dream.

Then Texas beat Texas Tech and stunned No. 23 West Virginia, still needing either a road win against Oklahoma State or a home victory against TCU to become bowl eligible. Texas took care of business Saturday, defeating the Cowboys in Stillwater, where Saturday's low was an un-Texas 28 degrees.

Coach Strong, how did you get it to happen?

What if the cold, was, like, in your mind, man?

Thanks for birthing a new meme, Charlie.