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Watch Duke's punter down his own punt


If it's Thursday night, it's time for funny stuff happening in college football. Preferably punt-based funny things, but we don't discriminate. But, yeah, it's punt-based:



That's Duke punter Will Monday, a Belk Bowl legend, running in to kill his own 15-yard punt as a Tar Heel dives out of punt's way. UNC leads, 28-7, in a pretty important game for the Blue Devils -- a loss would hand the ACC Coastal to Georgia Tech -- and this is one of the better things that has happened for Duke.

Meanwhile, in Kansas State-West Virginia, cool stuff like this is happening, but it doesn't count.

Four recent Thursdays:

Cal runs ineffective toy soldier fake punt.

Wake Forest's punter downing the ball before punting it.

Virginia Tech punting to the borders of its own red zone.

A Virginia Tech drive chart that should be buried in a time capsule, as a prank.