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Indiana has No. 6 Ohio State on upset alert thanks to 90-yard TD

Playoff contender Ohio State is down 20-14 in the second half to the lowly Hoosiers.

Indiana is a dumpster fire this season, but Tevin Coleman is a legitimately great running back, and he just used his world-class ability to bust a big play and give the Hoosiers an improbable 20-14 lead midway through the third quarter in Columbus.

Check out this run:


Via BTN. That cut and burst are just unfair for a tailback with his kind of size.

With that huge run, Tevin Coleman breaks Vaughn Dunbar's single-season rushing mark at Indiana with 1,821 yards (and counting!). If it weren't for supergod running back Melvin Gordon III at Wisconsin, Coleman would have an easy claim to "best running back in the Big Ten" status.

The play marks a 20-0 spree for the Hoosiers, who looked like sure blowout victims in the first quarter. Credit is due to Indiana for not only staying competitive in the game, but taking control. It's a quiet afternoon in Columbus right now.