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Virginia Tech-Wake Forest was officially the worst game of the year

Nobody wanted to win this game. Nobody.

Virginia Tech and Wake Forest took #goacc to previously unforeseen levels Saturday afternoon, remaining scoreless through four quarters before the Demon Deacons won 6-3 in double overtime. Arkansas State vs. Florida Atlantic in 2005 was the last game to go scoreless through regulation before Saturday. This was Dave Clawson's first conference win with Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech now needs to beat Virginia to earn a bowl berth.

It was the first game all season long to go scoreless through three quarters ... and then kept on scoreless after that point. Wake Forest kicker Mike Weaver missed three field goal attempts in regulation, including a 37-yarder at the end of the fourth quarter. He later redeemed himself with this game-winning kick:


via ACC Network

The two teams were absolutely awful on third downs, combining for eight conversions in 31 attempts on the day in regulation, leading to this atrocity of a drive chart:

via ESPN

Just beautiful: