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College football rankings: Composite polls/computers top 25 led by Alabama

Florida State stays on top of the AP Poll, while Alabama overtakes the Seminoles for the top spot in the Coaches.

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We saw relatively little chaos in Week 13, but that was a mostly expected outcome given the lackluster slate (that tends to happen once the November SEC-FCS challenge rolls around). Still, four Top 25 teams lost Saturday (three to other ranked opponents), giving us plenty to talk about.

Florida State put together yet another lackluster performance against an unranked opponent, beating Boston College in the final seconds, 20-17. Ohio State pulled away from Indiana late, but saw their glaring loss get more glaring when Virginia Tech fell to Wake Forest. Ole Miss got blown the heck out by Arkansas, while UCLA, Arizona, and Minnesota each notched important wins over ranked opponents.

We have some answers for you now, as Alabama has overtaken Florida State in the Coaches Poll, while the Seminoles stay on top of the AP Poll. The official Playoff rankings come out Tuesday (here are our predicted Playoff rankings), but we'll try to hold you over until then with these, which also include two sources of computer ratings.

Composite Average AP Coaches F/+ Massey composite
1 Alabama 1.25 1 Florida State Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon 2.5 2 Alabama Florida State Oregon Oregon
3 Florida State 3.75 3 Oregon Oregon Ohio State Mississippi State
4 Mississippi State 4.5 4 Mississippi State Mississippi State Mississippi State TCU
5 TCU 5.75 5 Baylor TCU TCU Florida State
6 Ohio State 5.25 6 TCU Baylor Georgia Georgia
7 Baylor 7.75 7 Ohio State Ohio State Florida State Ohio State
8 Georgia 10 8 Georgia Michigan State Auburn Baylor
9 UCLA 11.25 9 UCLA Georgia Ole Miss UCLA
10 Michigan State 15.25 10 Michigan State UCLA Baylor Auburn
11 Auburn 11.5 11 Kansas State Kansas State Oklahoma Ole Miss
12 Wisconsin 12.25 12 Arizona Arizona Georgia Tech Michigan State
13 Kansas State 17.75 13 Arizona State Arizona State Wisconsin Kansas State
14 Ole Miss 14.5 14 Wisconsin Wisconsin LSU Wisconsin
15 Georgia Tech 16.25 15 Auburn Georgia Tech UCLA Oklahoma
16 Oklahoma 12.5 16 Georgia Tech Auburn Louisville Arizona
16 Missouri 14.33333333 17 Missouri Missouri Miami Missouri
18 Arizona 18.33333333 18 Ole Miss Oklahoma Michigan State Marshall
18 Arizona State 24 19 Marshall Ole Miss Marshall Georgia Tech
20 Marshall 20.25 20 Oklahoma Marshall Clemson Arizona State
21 Louisville 22.75 21 Colorado State Colorado State Kansas State LSU
22 LSU 19.25 22 Minnesota Minnesota Arkansas Arkansas
23 Clemson 22 23 Clemson Louisville Arizona State Louisville
24 Arkansas 24.75 24 Louisville Clemson Notre Dame Clemson
25 Colorado State 27.25 25 Boise State Boise State Nebraska Boise State

The four rankings we use:

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The Associated Press Top 25: The longest-running and best-respected human poll. Didn't have any official bearing on the latter years of the BCS, and won't have any official bearing on the Playoff. Expect it to set the course for the committee, however, as most outlets (including SB Nation) will use the AP's rankings as the standard until the committee takes over in late October. Usually comes out Sundays around 2 p.m. ET.

The USA Today Coaches Poll: Formerly part of the BCS, and now just a poll. It tends to be more conservative than the AP's. Though polling athletic departments in order to rank other athletic departments is dubious, we still want multiple human polls in here, and it's the other big one. Releases early Sunday afternoons.

The Massey computer composite: A collection of ... every rating out there. By including it here, we're giving extra weight to the two human polls, since they're already two of the dozens of ratings included in the Massey. It changes over the course of the week as more rankings arrive, so we've included the latest version as of publication.

Football Outsiders' F/+ rating: A synthesis of ratings by smart persons Bill Connelly and Brian Fremeau and our personal go-to overall team stat. It tends to come out later than the others.

Last week's composite Top 25:

Composite Average AP Coaches F/+ Massey composite
1 Alabama 1.5 1 Florida State Florida State Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon 2.5 2 Alabama Alabama Oregon Oregon
3 Mississippi State 4.25 3 Oregon Oregon Ohio State Ole Miss
4 Florida State 4.5 4 Mississippi State Mississippi State Ole Miss Mississippi State
5 TCU 5.25 5 TCU TCU Mississippi State TCU
6 Ole Miss 5.75 6 Baylor Baylor TCU Florida State
7 Ohio State 6 7 Ohio State Ohio State Auburn Ohio State
8 Baylor 7.25 8 Ole Miss Ole Miss Georgia Baylor
9 Georgia 9 9 Georgia Michigan State Baylor Georgia
10 Kansas State 12 10 Michigan State Georgia Florida State Auburn
11 Auburn 12.5 11 UCLA Kansas State Miami UCLA
12 UCLA 12.75 12 Kansas State UCLA Oklahoma Michigan State
13 Michigan State 13.25 13 Arizona State Arizona Wisconsin Kansas State
14 Wisconsin 14 14 Wisconsin Arizona State Georgia Tech Wisconsin
15 Arizona 15.66666667 15 Arizona Wisconsin LSU Oklahoma
16 Arizona State 15.75 16 Auburn Georgia Tech Louisville Georgia Tech
16 Georgia Tech 15.75 17 Georgia Tech Auburn UCLA Arizona State
18 Marshall 18 18 Marshall Marshall Marshall Marshall
18 Oklahoma 18 19 Missouri Nebraska Arizona State Arizona
20 Nebraska 21 20 Utah Missouri Clemson Missouri
21 Colorado State 22.5 21 Nebraska Utah USC Nebraska
22 USC 23 22 Colorado State Oklahoma Michigan State LSU
23 Utah 23.5 23 Oklahoma Colorado State Nebraska USC
24 LSU 23.75 24 USC USC Notre Dame Utah
25 Missouri 24 25 Duke Duke Duke Clemson