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Mike Gundy, Bob Stoops no longer Florida candidates, per report

You can also cross Chip Kelly and Brian Kelly off your hypothetical wish lists, Florida fans.

Brett Deering/Getty Images

One of the presumed favorites for the Florida job is apparently no longer in the running for the position. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy is one of three rumored candidates scratched off the list, Pat Dooley from is reporting.

Kelly is not a name we have heard often in the search, but former Florida coordinator Stoops was brought up from time to time. Gundy was a wildly popular name, however, being picked as the betting favorite by Vegas before reports emerged that he was "pursuing" the job.

Dooley is also reporting Chip Kelly will not be a candidate for the job, a silly rumor that emerged from talk radio.

All of this is silly, anyway. We already found out who would win the job by having the candidates wrestle for it in WWE 2K15. The winner? Well, he's got some real Florida ties as well.