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TCU vs. Texas final score: 3 things we learned from Frogs' 48-10 win

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The No. 5 Horned Frogs are just about finished making their case for the Playoff. Did they gain any ground in Austin?

Chris Covatta/Getty Images

TCU is 10-1 and a game away from at least a share of the Big 12 title after winning at Texas, 48-10.

The Frogs piled up their usual whole bunch of points, this time somehow doing it in grueling fashion against a respectable defense, with the two teams combining for fewer than 700 total yards. Each side made a mistake or three on offense, but TCU was able to take much greater advantage, including a 40-yard Terrell Lathan touchdown return of a Tyrone Swoopes fumble and a 33-yard Josh Carraway pick-six.

The Texas QB had a rough night, also throwing three other picks (and getting one back via forced fumble!) against one of the country's most dangerous defenses. The TCU offense wasn't as explosive as it's been, but Trevone Boykin and company broke enough big plays to leave no doubt -- Aaron Green, Josh Doctson, and Kolby Listenbee each had a gain of 30 or more yards. Doctson finished with 115 yards receiving.

Three things we learned

1. The Baylor-TCU argument is about as clear as ever. As in, not very. As you know, the Frogs rank ahead of the No. 7 Bears in the Playoff rankings thanks to strength of schedule and so forth, despite Baylor holding the head-to-head win. You can now add another data point by comparing TCU's ugly and really convincing win at Texas in November to Baylor's ugly and somewhat convincing win at Texas in October. Assuming Baylor whoops Texas Tech on Saturday, this debate will not change until next week, when the Bears get No. 12 Kansas State and TCU gets meager Iowa State. And then, well, the yelling will continue.

2. Texas' late-season improvement might've been *slightly* overstated. Sure, putting a sophomore quarterback up against a seasoned Gary Patterson defense tends to result in unappealing visuals. But after three straight Longhorn wins -- over Texas Tech, West Virginia, and Oklahoma State -- many predicted TCU's collapse on Thanksgiving night. This one was closer than the final score, but TCU's a better team this year, this month, and this week. Texas is on the right track, and its 6-6 record is a reasonable representation of its overall quality.

3. TCU's offense remains one of the country's most consistent. Even on a relatively down night, the Frogs passed 30 points. That's 13 games in a row in which they've hit that mark, and according to Fox Sports 1, that's the country's longest streak.