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Texas A&M fires defensive coordinator Snyder, and now Muschamp speculation begins

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Who will replace Mark Snyder as defensive coordinator at Texas A&M?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas A&M Aggies are now in the market for a new defensive coordinator. The school announced Friday evening that Mark Snyder has been relieved of his duties following A&M's 23-17 loss to LSU on Thursday night.

This didn't come as much of a surprise, as Snyder's defenses have struggled mightily since he took the job in 2012 as part of Kevin Sumlin's staff, ranking near the bottom in the SEC in almost every statistical category this season. It's not as though Snyder was underpaid, as he was making $708,000 this season, an abnormally high price for a coordinator.

"Mark is an outstanding coach and an even better person, but he understands the production needed to be better on the defensive side of the football," Sumlin said in the statement.

There's already speculation that Will Muschamp could be the one to replace Snyder. Muschamp still has one game left to coach at Florida after it was announced earlier this month that he would not return as the school's head coach. Muschamp's rise to college football prominence included a run as defensive coordinator for Texas from 2008-10, preceded by stints at LSU and Auburn.

One informed report suggests that, no matter what, the new hire could be a big name: