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Nebraska players are *not* pleased with Bo Pelini's firing

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Nebraska players aren't just disappointed to lose a coach -- they're actively critical of Nebraska's decision-making.

It's pretty standard to see an outpouring of tweets from college athletes when their coach gets fired. It makes sense: their mentor, the person who recruited them out of high school, has been taken out of a job and removed from their lives. But the outcry from Nebraska players and former players after the firing of Bo Pelini was a bit more intense and more cutting than usual.

Starting QB Tommy Armstrong:

DT Vincent Valentine:

CB Josh Mitchell:

OL Matthew Finnan:

OL Cole Pensick, who graduated in 2013:

WR Taariq Allen:

WR Jordan Westerkamp:

S Leroy Alexander:

DB Nate Gerry:

OL Samuel Hahn:

Punter Sam Foltz:

And let's take a peek at recruits interested in going to Nebraska. Here's Luke Gifford, a 3-star athlete from Lincoln committed to the Huskers:

Kendall Bussey, a three-star athlete from New Orleans committed to the Huskers:

And Liam Eichenberg, a four-star offensive line recruit who had an offer out from Nebraska: