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Updated College Football Playoff rankings, with Oregon joining top group

The first-ever update to the College Football Playoff selection committee's rankings is here, and Ole Miss' loss to Auburn clears room for a new team in the top four. Full rankings below.

Last week, we got to see for the first time how the College Football Playoff committee ranks teams. The reaction was generally positive, with the committee's focus on strength of schedule above all else becoming clear. This week, we got to see for the first time how the committee handles a single weekend's worth of impact.

With No. 4 Ole Miss losing, Tuesday night's biggest questions were which team would jump up to replace the Rebels and how far those Rebels would fall. The Ducks beat out Alabama and TCU for one spot in the if-the-season-ended-right-now Playoff picture. Ole Miss landed at No. 11 and among the one-loss teams, likely since its losses were to ranked teams and very close (though the committee intends to discount margin of victory).

Another important question was which, if any, non-power team would replace No. 23 East Carolina, which lost. ECU was the highest-ranked non-power, and the conference champion that finishes the season with that description gets an automatic New Year's bowl spot. This week, no non-power team is ranked.

Here's the full Top 25, plus the current postseason picture and the toughest opponent left, according to Football Outsiders' F/+:

Rank Team (click for SB Nation team blog) Last week Week 10 result Toughest opponent left (per F/+) If the season ended today ...
1 Mississippi State (8-0) 1 Won 17-10 vs. Arkansas Ole Miss Sugar Bowl vs. Oregon
2 Florida State (8-0) 2 Won 42-31 at No. 25 Louisville Miami Rose Bowl vs. Auburn
3 Auburn (7-1) 3 Won 35-31 at No. 4 Ole Miss Alabama Rose Bowl vs. Florida State
4 Oregon (8-1) 5 Won 45-16 vs. Stanford Utah Sugar Bowl vs. Mississippi State
5 Alabama (7-1) 6 Idle Auburn Orange Bowl
6 TCU (7-1) 7 Won 31-30 at No. 20 WVU Kansas State New Year's bowl
7 Kansas State (7-1) 9 Won 48-14 vs. Oklahoma St. TCU New Year's bowl
8 Michigan State (7-1) 8 Idle Ohio State New Year's bowl
9 Arizona State (7-1) 14 Won 19-16 vs. No. 17 Utah Notre Dame New Year's bowl
10 Notre Dame (7-1) 10 Won 49-39 at Navy Louisville New Year's bowl
11 Ole Miss (7-2) 4 Lost 35-31 vs. No. 3 Auburn Mississippi State New Year's bowl
12 Baylor (7-1) 13 Won 60-14 vs. Kansas Oklahoma
13 Nebraska (8-1) 15 Won 35-14 vs. Purdue Wisconsin
14 Ohio State (7-1) 16 Won 55-14 vs. Illinois Michigan State
15 Oklahoma (6-2) 18 Won 59-14 at Iowa St. Baylor
16 LSU (7-2) 19 Idle Alabama
17 Utah (6-2) 17 Lost 19-16 at No. 14 Arizona St. Oregon
18 UCLA (7-2) 22 Won 17-7 vs. No. 12 Arizona USC
19 Arizona (6-2) 12 Lost 17-7 at No. 22 UCLA Arizona State
20 Georgia (6-2) 11 Lost 38-20 vs. Florida Auburn
21 Clemson (6-2) 21 Idle Georgia Tech Orange Bowl
22 Duke (7-1) 24 Won 51-48 at Pittsburgh Virginia Tech
23 West Virginia (6-3) 20 Lost 31-30 vs. No. 7 TCU Kansas State
24 Georgia Tech (7-2) NR Won 35-10 vs. Virginia Clemson
25 Wisconsin (6-2) NR Won 37-0 at Rutgers Nebraska