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Michigan adds PR firm to list of interesting expenditures

No doubt they will get their money's worth.

Joshua Lott/Getty Images

The University of Michigan has enlisted the help of a public relations firm to help clean up its public image after a disastrous 2014 football season, according to the Detroit Free Press. Edelman, the PR firm they hired, also worked with Penn State following the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

This fall claimed the jobs of athletic director Dave Brandon and head coach Brady Hoke, with the biggest issue coming as a result of the handling of quarterback Shane Morris' concussion. This week, the Big Ten announced that they would be revamping how the conference handles concussions, adding neutral officials to monitor for potential head injuries, as well as increasing reporting requirements and potential discipline for non-compliance. Edelman has reportedly been working with Michigan since shortly after the Morris incident.

Michigan is also using a search firm to find Hoke's replacement, something we here at SB Nation think is a bad idea and poor use of funds. Last year, Michigan paid for skywriting near Michigan State's stadium.