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No one knows where Jim Harbaugh will go, but don't be shocked if it's Michigan

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Not many coaches would leave a chance at a Super Bowl for a college rebuilding job, but Jim Harbaugh is not the easiest coach to predict.

Michigan's head coaching search continues to be the focus of the early offseason, with 49ers head coach and former Wolverine quarterback Jim Harbaugh rumored to be the leading candidate. There have been a lot of rumors flying around in both directions, so we've attempted to compile as many as we could right here.

Once you look at everything that's out there, it's not hard to conclude this could really happen, no matter how unlikely that might seem.

Harbaugh's leaving the NFL?

Jim Harbaugh told ESPN in a 2013 interview Ann Arbor was his "favorite place to live."

Family and friends have reportedly encouraged Harbaugh to take the Michigan job.

10 NFL head coaches have gone directly to college from the NFL. Only two of them (Al Groh, Dave Wannstedt) did so with a winning NFL record, which Harbaugh also owns. They both returned to their alma maters (Virginia, Pittsburgh), like Harbaugh would.

Bovada gave the friendliest betting odds on the next Michigan coach to Harbaugh.

Reports surfaced that Michigan has offered Harbaugh a six-year, $48 million deal, which would make him the highest-paid coach in the country.

ESPN's Marcellus Wiley is reporting Harbaugh will accept the offer, for what it's worth.

Most every notable Michigan person has spoken out in favor of hiring Harbaugh, including Lloyd Carr, Desmond Howard, Charles Woodson, and Shemy Schembechler.


49ers analysts over at Niners Nation are prepared for every possible outcome.

Harbaugh's staying in the NFL?

Leaving the NFL for college is not a popular choice.

The Raiders are reportedly ready to make a "major push" for Harbaugh, along with the Dolphins and presumably other NFL teams.

That reported $48 million offer from Michigan is disputed by other reports, though most seem to agree the offer is somewhere near there.

Harbaugh's "heart" is reportedly in the NFL, and he will apparently wait to see which jobs become available before making his decision. Multiple reports from all over have the decision coming around the end of December.

NFL reporters appear to think Harbaugh will remain in the league.

49ers analysts over at Niners Nation are, again, prepared for every possible outcome.