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Jim Harbaugh in intro presser: 'There are no turnarounds at Michigan'

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The former Wolverines quarterback was introduced at his alma mater Tuesday.

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Jim Harbaugh was introduced as Michigan's 20th head football coach Tuesday at a press conference in Ann Arbor. The former Michigan quarterback tripped on his way into the room and had lost his voice the previous weekend, but by and large seemed to impress the gathered contingent.

"There are very special words that are in the English language that we all embrace," Harbaugh opened with. "There's family, there's friends, there's teammates, there's victory. I was reminded of another very special word when I was driving into Ann Arbor this morning, and that word is homecoming."

Harbaugh talked about his history with the program multiple times in the presser, saying he's wanted the job since he first moved to Ann Arbor as a child.

"I have to tell you I have thought about that, dreamed about that since I was a young lad," he said. "Now it's time to live that. I have no other words to describe how it feels, except I have great excitement for the challenge of serving the University of Michigan as your head coach."

Michigan's best hire ever

Harbaugh refused to comment on Michigan's recent struggles, saying he instead he looked forward to building off of the program's history -- recent and more removed.

"I'm standing on a foundation that has been built for over 100 years by some great men. I feel like I'm standing on their shoulders, and I want to do a good job," he said.

"This is Michigan. There are no turn arounds at Michigan. This is greatness. A long tradition of it."

Harbaugh was hired away from the San Francisco 49ers, and will make $5 million per year over a seven-year contract, a very similar deal to his NFL one. He'll have significant bonuses available as well. A former Michigan quarterback, he built successful programs at struggling San Diego and Stanford in his previous two college head coaching gigs, and has an opportunity to rebuild the Wolverines into the dynasty they once were.