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UCF wins share of conference title with this Hail Mary against ECU

UCF led by 17 points. And then ECU stormed back to take the lead with two minutes left. With 10 seconds left, the game was basically over. And then!



UCF won a share of the American Athletic Conference with Memphis and perhaps Cincinnati thanks to that 51-yard rainbow from Justin Holman to Breshad Perriman, winning at ECU, 32-30.

Listen to UCF's announcers go berserk and to what they believe to be ECU accidentally firing its victory cannon:

This involved three costly blunders by the Pirates.

First, ECU tried to goof around and kill clock on the preceding fourth down, with quarterback Shane Carden instead going down amid a pass rush and leaving 10 seconds within range of midfield. A punt would've pushed back UCF's final drive and taken a few more seconds off the clock, perhaps meaning only time for one play from UCF territory, not two.

Second, don't ever let the receiver behind you.

Third ... oh no, what are you doing, No. 39? [Update: No. 39, DaShaun Amos, says he was trying to avoid pass interference.]


oh no