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Art Briles weighs in on Baylor vs. TCU College Playoff debate: 'This is America'

Art Briles is not happy with the idea that his Baylor squad could possibly get left out of the College Football Playoff while TCU, whom it beat, plays.

As you'd expect, Art Briles used his postgame interview after Baylor knocked off Kansas State to advocate for his squad's spot in the College Football playoff:

Plus this over-the-top graphic from the team twitter account:

Briles had already said that leaving Baylor out was "not the American way." I'm not *quite* sure what he means -- did America invent the idea of races? Couldn't you kinda argue that we kinda don't even elect presidents by giving it to the guy who won the head-to-head? -- but we feel for Briles and all Baylor fans who might have to watch a team they beat head into the Playoff.

That's a tough pill to swallow, but at least two very very good teams are going to have to sit out, and whoever it is will feel bitter about it.


He wasn't done. After exchanging words with the Big 12's commissioner postgame:


And he STILL wasn't done. (He's referring to ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit, a former Ohio State quarterback who apparently hasn't praised Baylor to Briles' liking. The Buckeyes are the other team Baylor's competing with for a Playoff spot.)