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Michigan contacts LSU's Les Miles about coaching job, according to report

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It's not the first time Miles has been mentioned as a candidate for the Wolverines.

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Still searching for a new head coach, Michigan has contacted LSU's Les Miles about the position, per Sam Webb of U-M's Scout site. However, Football Scoop says it's unlikely anything will come from the overture.

Miles has a history of being a potential candidate for the Wolverines, seeing his name widely discussed during the school's previous two coaching searches. However, he's never been offered the job, according to at least one account. Some involved in this search were reportedly in disagreement over Miles, with the naysayers fearing he would publicly spurn Michigan. He played for the Wolverines under legendary head coach Bo Schembechler and served as an assistant under Schembechler and Gary Moeller.

Miles took over as head coach at LSU in 2005 and has led the Tigers to a 103-28 record overall and 56-24 mark in SEC play. His team won the national title in 2007 and added its second conference championship under the coach in 2011.

Michigan fired head coach Brady Hoke following its 5-7 2014 campaign. Hoke led the Wolverines to an 11-2 record in his debut season, but was just 20-18 over his final three years.