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Ask 10 Finebaum callers: Nick Saban's car-dealership subpoena

Need some legal advice in the state of Alabama? You know where to turn.

"It's like he's already swearin', he knows the lawsuit's comin', Paul."
"It's like he's already swearin', he knows the lawsuit's comin', Paul."
Streeter Lecka

According to WSFA in Montgomery, Alabama head coach Nick Saban will be subpoenaed in a business lawsuit between Mercedes-Benz and a dealership company. Saban had planned to work with the company to bring a dealership to Irondale, Alabama, but those plans are obviously on hold now.

Saban is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit; nobody's "going after him," so to speak. As someone with a business interest in this dealership, though, it only makes sense that Saban would be asked questions by attorneys.

Nonetheless, since this is a situation with a court room and Nick Saban, we expect a banner day of opinions from those noted legal non-scholars, the Paul Finebaum Show's callers. Here are the top 10 responses you can expect today, in increasing order of likelihood.

10. "Bring on the lawsuit. Mercedes ain't played nobody. Roll Tide."

9. "Classic Saban. Looks like he was oversignin' some dealerships. War Eagle."

8. "Tell you what, Bear never got sued. Roll Tide."

7. "Tell you what, Gus ain't been sued. War Eagle."

6. "I was talkin' with my lawyer about this earlier today. I heard they were gonna try to read Coach Nick Saban's text messages 'cause of this lawsuit. I feel like that's the NCAA just goin' too far on this one, Paul, trying to bring down a great coach and a great man. Roll Tide."

5. "Paul, I prayed on this, prayed real good, and I'm just concerned that Saban's making these deals with Mercedes. You know that's an import, Paul, that's a German car. We got plenty of American cars over here; Saban don't wanna sell those? I'll hang up and listen. War Eagle."

4. "Paul, you know I love Coach Nick Saban. He's done so much good for this school and this nation and I'm not even mad anymore about not making the championship last year, I promise. I'm just wonderin' if Alabama needs to hire a coach that ain't getting himself sued in his free time, is all. Maybe time to move on. Roll Tide."

3. "I toooooooold you this guy Saban was a fraud. I've been sayin' it for years! I'm a lawyer, definition of fraud is, you say one thing and you're doin' another, and it's your own benefit, the money. In my legal opinion you know he's just trying to funnel some cars to these kids through some loophole. Lock him up and throw away the key. War Eagle."

2. "Paul, I think you gotta investigate the ties between Mercedes and Auburn or LSU or Tennessee. I heard Les Miles drives a Mercedes. This just doesn't add up. Roll Tide."

1. "PAWWWWWWWWL, if you ask me, Saban needs to worry less about Irondale and more about the Iron Bowl. War Eagle."

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