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Ole Miss' Nkemdiche brothers sued for $2 million over alleged 2013 fight

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The fight allegedly took place at an Ole Miss fraternity house last February.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Denzel and Robert Nkemdiche, defensive standouts at Ole Miss, are being sued for $2 million over an alleged fight that took place last February, according to Clay Travis at Outkick the Coverage. Five other unnamed Rebels are also being sued.

The fight allegedly took place on Feb. 17, 2013, at the Kappa Alpha fraternity house on Ole Miss' campus. According to plaintiff Matthew Baird, Denzel Nkemdiche knocked him out with a punch to the back of the head, and Robert Nkemdiche, along with the five unnamed players, began kicking him on the ground. In an effort to protect Baird, his friend Ford Everett dove on top of him and was also repeatedly kicked by the players.

"When this alleged incident occurred, the proper authorities investigated the matter and could find no evidence of wrong-doing related to Denzel and Robert Nkemdiche or any other members of our football program," Ole Miss athletic department officials said in a statement to Travis. "This is a personal matter for them and we will support Denzel and Robert while they defend themselves in this civil case."

The lawsuit is only the latest in a string of off-field incidents for the Nkemdiche brothers. Both were suspended for the first quarter of the Rebels' Music City Bowl victory over Georgia Tech, and Denzel Nkemdiche is suspended indefinitely after being arrested over the weekend for disturbing the peace.

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