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College Football Playoff Top 25 rankings to be released weekly on Tuesdays, broadcast on ESPN

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Beginning on October 28. Let's argue about the upcoming rankings for like half a week, every week!

Bill Hancock and Jeff Long
Bill Hancock and Jeff Long
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In an effort to make college football fans' lives even more stressful than they already were, the College Football Playoff rankings will be announced on Tuesday, rather than Sunday, according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy. He also reported that the rankings will start on Oct. 28, a week later than the BCS rankings started.

Some more details, from McMurphy: like on the men's basketball selection committee, members can not vote in schools they or a family member receive compensation from. Committee members will be able to vote in schools or conferences that they previously worked for, however.

Committee members will meet Mondays and Tuesdays from October 27 through December 2, with the final ranking announced Sunday, December 7. The weekly rankings will be revealed on ESPN.

Remember how nerve-wracking it was to have to wait a WHOLE DAY for the rankings to come out? Now you have all of Sunday and Monday to argue with your friends, too! The Ohio State vs. [insert one-or-two-loss SEC school] debates will be fiercer than ever.

This year, college football fans will also have someone new to blame for their team bing left out of the playoff — a 13-member committee will rank the teams each week, and CFP executive director Bill Hancock said they will meet in person in Texas each week to put together the rankings.