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NCAA President Mark Emmert says unions would be 'grossly inappropriate,' sees change coming

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Emmert spoke out against the recent labor ruling, but sees a shift soon.

Jamie Squire

NCAA President Mark Emmert called unionization efforts by college athletes "grossly inappropriate" during a news conference Sunday, making his thoughts known on the recent labor movement spurred on by Northwestern players.

Emmert said a potential union would "blow up" the current system of college athletics, which is less of an argument and more of an explanation of exactly what the Northwestern players and union supporters are attempting to accomplish.

Emmert was joined by Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowslby, who passed the blame of the current system's failings onto the professional leagues.

Despite the repeated comments speaking out against the potential shift, Emmert and Kansas State president Kirk Schulz both acknowledged change is coming -- Emmert said the decision could have "profound implications," while Schulz tried to combat the notion that the NCAA is unwilling to ever change.

"I think most of the membership recognizes we're at a fork in the road and some of these things must change and we need to do it rapidly."​

Exactly what kind of change we'll see is at the moment not known, but it would appear Emmert and co. have a very different idea of what they may look like.