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Publix security video shows Jameis Winston ... leaving Publix

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Video released by the Tallahassee Democrat shows security footage of the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback leaving a local grocery store. And that's about all it shows. He was cited by police for leaving without paying for crab legs.

Tallahassee Democrat

The Tallahassee Democrat released the security footage on Thursday of the events that caused Jameis Winston's shoplifting citation at a Tallahassee Publix. The first portion of the video shows him walking out of the store, while the second (from a moment prior) shows him in the background, walking toward the exit.

And here's our "Walk It Out" remix:

Winston was cited by police for shoplifting crab legs from the store, as Tomahawk Nation first reported. He was issued an adult civil citation:

"He got an adult civil citation," a trusted source inside Tallahassee Police told Tomahawk Nation. "If he completes the sanctions it will never show up on his record. They commonly give them to juveniles on first criminal offenses. They are now doing it for minor misdemeanors for adults to lower crime rate."

After watching the video, a Leon County deputy said Winston appeared to avoid security.

As he was leaving the store, Winston appeared to pause in front of a Leon County deputy who was working in-store security detail at the time. The pause, the incident report said, appeared to be an attempt to avoid walking in front of the deputy.

Winston was forced to pay restitution of $32.72 and perform 20 hours of community service. He was suspended from the baseball team until he completed the community service. He missed a three-game series, then was reinstated.