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Recruit alleges both Michigan *and* Ohio State sent him typos

Future "All-Amercian" Mike Weber can really "deilver" those titles.

Last week, Ohio State fans poked fun at Michigan fans, because the Michigan coaching staff allegedly sent a fake ESPN The Magazine cover to a four-star Detroit running back recruit in which someone misspelled "All-American."

Michigan fans went on the defensive, and -- no joke -- one even legitimately said Brady Hoke's staff made the typo on purpose:

I'm not saying that I know this for a fact, but Michigan misspelled "All-American" on purpose.


Thousands of recruits saw that sweet Photoshop of Weber on their local news sites today. They're now interested in Michigan more than they were yesterday.

You can call Hoke an idiot, and I'll continue to admire his prowess as a recruiter.

Well, if Brady Hoke is a genius, then so is Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, because this week, the Buckeyes also allegedly misspelled a word on a magazine cover ... sent to THE SAME RECRUIT:

Some tried to claim the magazine cover was fake, because it was just too perfect. But Weber is sticking by his story:

So good luck, Mike Weber, whether you choose to be an All-Amercian at Michigan or to deilver titles to the Bucks.

(h/t Detroit Free Press)