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Eastern Michigan officially installing a gray football field

Yes ... they chose gray.

Eastern Michigan hardly ever enters the college football spotlight. But the Eagles have a plan to change that this year — color their field ... gray?

They won't be the first team with a colored field. Boise State's turf is blue. Eastern Washington's is red. At one point, both fields were even on TV at the same time:


But gray? Really? At least Boise State and Eastern Washington gave their fields bright school colors. At least Central Arkansas' gray field includes purple stripes.

Gray isn't even one of EMU's official colors! And even if it was — they do wear it sometimes — it's still a terrible color for a field. FWIW, the Eagles' primary color is green, which strikes me as an awesome color for football turf.

Our artist's rendering of what it could look like in action:


As for what could be better than gray turf, Hustle Belt has some recommendations.