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Steve Spurrier thinks Nick Saban needs to chill

Spurrier thinks the Alabama coach works too hard.


South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is a national treasure, due in part to the fact that he's gotten to the point in his career at which he'd probably rather be on the golf course. (Note: this actually happened a long time ago.) He has a long history of recommending a casual approach to life.

And he apparently thinks Alabama coach Nick Saban needs to just chill out and do the same thing. From

I told Nick Saban one time, I said, ‘Nick, you don't have to stay there until midnight and your teams would be just as good and win just as many.' He said, ‘If I could do it the way you do it, I would, but I don't feel comfortable unless I try to cover every base, every angle, be totally prepared.' I said, ‘Well, that's probably why you do it.' When I come out there, I feel comfortable we are ready to play. We have our game plan in, going to call this, call that and so forth. Everybody is different as far as when they feel they are totally prepared.

Hatin'-Ass Spurrier continued:

If he worked longer hours "would we be 12-1 instead of 11-2? Oh, you're kidding," Spurrier said. "I haven't heard anybody say that really, but if you wanted to, you can find faults with anybody if they don't win them all. How many SECs has (Saban) won there in eight years? He's won two. He's won three nationals, but he's only won two SECs in eight years. Now, if you had the No. 1 recruiting class every year and so forth, I don't know if he has maxed out potentially as well as he could."

This, of course, isn't the first time Spurrier has trolled his fellow coaches. We have a list of all of his best troll quotes from just last year.

And Saban has previously been a target. In 2012, he downplayed Saban's success by saying it's easy to win at Alabama, and this year, he called a plan to slow down games the "Nick Saban Rule."

In 2010, their last meeting, Spurrier's No. 19 Gamecocks upset Saban's No. 1 Tide.