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Texas A&M and South Carolina might've actually figured out a rivalry trophy

Even though they've yet to play each other, they're reportedly coming up with something to fight over.

The Alamo
The Alamo
Flickr user hellamike81

Texas A&M, which is in Texas, and South Carolina, which is in South Carolina, are annual SEC cross-division rivals.

This doesn't necessarily make any sense, as this elevates the Cocks-Aggies rivalry to the same scheduling treatment as classic rivalries like Alabama-Tennessee and Auburn-Georgia, great series like Florida-LSU, and geographically sensible pairings like Ole Miss-Vanderbilt and Arkansas-Missouri.

So A&M and Carolina have worked to find themselves a potential token of hateful kinship: a new rivalry trophy featuring James Butler Bonhama Gamecock and a hero of the Alamo.

This might seem like a stretch. Bonham did not attend post-grad classes at A&M, which was established in 1876, 40 years after the Battle of the Alamo. The Alamo itself is almost three hours away from A&M's campus. The Alamo is closer to the University of Texas, UTSA, and Texas State than to College Station, with Houston and Rice about the same distance.

However, here is all the proof you need that Butler is qualified to serve as the inspiration for an SEC rivalry trophy, any SEC rivalry trophy:

The trophy is named after a lawyer with a rebellious streak. [...] While practicing law, Bonham allegedly struck an opposing attorney who had insulted his client with a cane. Then he threatened to strike the judge who demanded he apologize.