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Which college sports power schools voted against 4-year scholarships?

Many schools didn't even support the option for four-year scholarships in 2012, much less making them mandatory.

USC athletic director Pat Haden supports four-year scholarships, after his school voted against them.
USC athletic director Pat Haden supports four-year scholarships, after his school voted against them.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest points of contention at Wednesday's Senate hearing on college sports was Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) admonishing NCAA president Mark Emmert for not publicizing which schools tried to ban their peers from giving out four-year scholarships (or scholarships that couldn't be revoked after a season just for athletic reasons).

That vote, taken in 2012, saw 62.12 percent of schools — just short of the 62.5 percent needed — attempt to override legislation to allow four-year scholarships. McCaskill's point: Emmert keeps saying mandatory four-year scholarships are coming, but why should we believe that if so many schools tried to veto them from even being a possibility?

Emmert noted that most of the schools who attempted to veto that legislation were small schools who would soon be governed differently from the big ones, but a look back at the vote shows only 53 percent of power conference schools voted to allow four-year scholarships at all (much less give them out). Only a handful of schools currently give out four-year scholarships as an institution-wide policy. Four of the five power conferences did vote to allow them, with the Big 12 being the only holdout. You can see the whole voting list here, with the power conference schools charted below.


School Support 4-year scholarships?
Boston College No
Clemson No
Duke Yes
Florida State No
Georgia Tech No
Louisville No
Miami Yes
North Carolina Didn't vote
NC State No
Notre Dame Yes
Pittsburgh Yes
Syracuse Didn't vote
Virginia No
Virginia Tech No
Wake Forest Yes

Big Ten

School Support 4-year scholarships?
Illinois Yes
Indiana Yes
Iowa Yes
Maryland Yes
Michigan Yes
Michigan State Yes
Minnesota Yes
Nebraska Yes
Northwestern Yes
Ohio State Yes
Penn State Yes
Purdue Yes
Rutgers No
Wisconsin No

Big 12

School Support 4-year scholarships?
Baylor No
Iowa State No
Kansas No
Kansas State No
Oklahoma No
Oklahoma State No
Texas No
Texas Tech No
West Virginia No


School Support 4-year scholarships?
Arizona No
Arizona State Yes
California No
Colorado No
Oregon Yes
Oregon State Yes
Stanford Yes
Utah Yes
Washington Yes
Washington State Yes


School Support 4-year scholarships?
Alabama No
Arkansas Yes
Auburn Yes
Florida Yes
Georgia Yes
Kentucky Yes
Mississippi Yes
Mississippi State Yes
Missouri Yes
South Carolina Yes
Tennessee No
Texas A&M No
Vanderbilt Yes

*USC voted against four-year scholarships at the time, but now gives them out as an institution-wide policy.