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Here is what the new College Football Playoff trophy looks like

The first year of the Playoff includes some new hardware.

This is the inaugural year for the College Football Playoff, and with the season just over a month away, most of the logistics have been announced. The games will take place in New Orleans, Pasadena and Arlington, and there's a new logo for the event.

On Monday, we got the final missing piece ... the trophy.

The Playoff's explanation:

Created by the legendary international design consultancy, Pentagram, the trophy was then commissioned and handcrafted by the master fine art foundry, Polich Tallix, in Rock Tavern, New York.  Expert craftsmen at the foundry worked for three months, combining cutting edge technologies with timeless metal casting and finishing techniques to create the trophy.

The design of the trophy features a focused football at the center of the base that rises to form an actual-size ball.  Standing at a total height of three feet, the trophy and base are two integral, but separate pieces, so the trophy may be lifted up independently when it is awarded to the national championship team.

Handmade from 24-karat gold, bronze and stainless steel, the trophy is 26.5 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds.  The base is formed from bronze with a heat-applied and hand-rubbed black patina finish, and is 12 inches high, weighing 30 pounds.  Total weight of trophy and base is approximately 65 pounds.

Sounds great. Did the internet like it?

Unfortunately, with the arrival of the new trophy, it means the old Dr. Pepper crystal football has been laid to rest as the official championship trophy. However, it will still be around and given to the top team in the Coaches Poll, which joins the AP Poll and others as being no longer tied to the title game.

You gave us a good 16 years, crystal football. But here's to a new trophy that will hopefully be a little less breakable.