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Steve Spurrier's best quotes from 2014 SEC Media Days, Davy Crockett and all

The Texas A&M-South Carolina "rivalry" becomes a forced product of realignment. Also, the Gamecocks coach hits on Clemson vs. the SEC, his history at Carolina, and Stephen Garcia's chances of making it as a media member.

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Perhaps the saddest part of conference realignment is the end of historic rivalries. In the SEC alone, Texas A&M vs. Texas and Kansas vs. Mizzou fell prey to conference realignment. But that's OK! Enjoy the storied tradition of Texas A&M vs. South Carolina!

The SEC's new scheduling arrangement includes one cross-division rival for each team. While the eight-game system can create imbalance among teams and cause absurdly long breaks between when conference foes see each other, the rivalries worked out pretty well.

Except for the brand new "historic annual rivalry" between Texas A&M and South Carolina, two schools separated by thousands of miles that have never met in football. So what's the best way to make a fake rivalry seem real? A trophy, of course! And it looks like that might be happening. The trophy could reportedly depict James Bonham, Alamo hero and former SC student.

Ever the conversationalist, Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier gave his thoughts on the "Alamo rivalry" branding at SEC Media Days:

I heard about that. Read about it. Didn't know it's official yet. I'm actually from Tennessee, and I always was taught the hero of the Alamo was Davy Crockett. Bonham, it's a good story, and he did some good things. I always thought Crockett and those 33 Tennessee guys was the hero. Him and those Tennessee guys that came in and got killed and so forth.

If they wanna do a trophy for it, that's fine. We've got a little trophy with Missouri, cause they're Columbia and we're Columbia. We've been fortunate enough to keep that one at home. I don't know that you can have a trophy for every game. Up in the Big Ten, they got a bunch of 'em. Don't know how many games you can have a trophy for, as you go through the season.

Officials are facing a similar problem with Bonham: "Everybody in Texas knows him, but no one does in South Carolina," one historian said.

That's fitting for two teams whose fans are going to need to learn a lot about each other before this game becomes a rivalry in more than name only.

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